CREAting Playlists

By: Dylan McFadden

Last Updated: 1/7/21

Creating Playlists

. / This is the playlists page. A playlist is a collection of images or video that can be saved and recalled from the playlists tab on the home screen. Controls are available to skip, shuffle and set a timer for transitioning to the next work in a playlist. This will walk you through how to create a scene from beginning to end.

// For the sake of this guide we use the artists tab but you can add works to playlists from the genres tab as well.

. / Once the artist tab is selected from the home screen (circled in red) you will see a list of artists that are part of the apollo ecosystem. You will see a profile image, Artist name and works available for each artist.

. / Once an artist is selected you will see works available by orientation. There are 4 orientations: portrait, landscape, square and panoramic. Swipe right to change from one orientation to the next.

. / Swipe right-to-left or tap the “landscape” tab at the top to view landscape-orientation works

. / Select a work from the list to view the work details

/ Select “add playlist”

. / If you are doing these steps for the first time, you will not have any playlists, so you can tap “Add Playlist” to create a new one. You will be presented a dialogue box. Enter a name for the playlist and tap “Create”.

. / Now that you have a playlist - tap on the newly created playlist to add the work to it

. / You will receive a toast notification indicating that the work has been added to the playlist, and you will be returned to the work details view. Continue to select and add works to the playlist following the above steps.

. / Press “back” to return to Tyler’s works. Continue to select and add works to the playlist following the above steps. You don’t need to create a new playlist each time, of course, but at this point you could browse through different artists and create several playlists, or whatever you would like.

. / When done, go back to Home (via the tab in the bottom) and select Playlists. You should see the list of playlists that you’ve created, and you could create an empty playlist from here to add works to later if you would like.

. / Select a playlist you would like to play/show. You will see the “playlist details” where you can rearrange items, remove works from the playlist, or you can select a work to begin playing the playlist with that work.

. / Select an item in the playlist to begin playing. You will be navigated to the media control view.

. / From here you can tap the “clock” icon to enable duration controls, and then you can change the duration using the fields that appear, as seen below. You can also toggle shuffle on and off, or you can skip forward and backward through the playlist.