Getting Started - Apollo TV App

General introduction to the Apollo tv application

  • If you've followed the "Installing Apollo TV app" guide. You should see the app in your main menu (view photo for reference.) If it doesn't look like the reference photo go back to the "Installing Apollo TV app" guide until the Apollo TV app is installed.20230131_084745

  • You will see an Apollo splash screen upon starting the app then you will be presented with an activation code screen (view photo for reference.) You will get a 6 digit code which will link the Apollo mobile app and Apollo TV app. Ignore the QR code in the lower left corner, we will be utilizing this once the Apollo mobile app is pushed to production in the app store.  e574ca81-d2cb-4552-bcdc-31037e03fb0d

  • Open your Apollo mobile app which you should have installed at this point. If you don't have the mobile app yet follow this guide.

  • Tap the 3 lines in the upper right corner of the mobile app and tap profile. At the bottom of your profile page go to the activate a display field and type in the 6 digit code (no dash) that you see in the Apollo TV app. Then tap "Activate."

            Screenshot_20230131-094300_apollo art Screenshot_20230131-094307_apollo art Screenshot_20230131-094315_apollo art
  • Once the display activates you will see a screen that shows "select a playlist or a work to show here..." This is assuming that no playlists have been created from within the Apollo mobile app. If you have then you will see the screen in the next step.

  • Now go to the app and create some playlists. Follow this guide for that.

  • This is the playlist screen. You can either cast a playlist directly from the app (use this guide for reference.) to the display or you can use the apple remote.

  • The highlighted playlist at the bottom (if using remote) will show details on the left of the display such as Playlist name & amount of works in playlist.

  • Once you select or cast a playlist it will playing on the display.

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