Installing the Apollo TV app

Apple TV

By: Dylan McFadden

Last Updated: 1/8/21

1.) Prerequisites

. / 4K Television (3840x2160 resolution.)

. / You will need an apple ID setup with billing and have it linked to iTunes. If you need to sign up for one

. / You will need an apple TV 4K this was introduced in 2017 (model a1842) and allows apps to be installed from the app store and will display the apollo app's digital works in 4K resolution. Otherwise an Apple TV HD (introduced in 205, model A1625) and 1080P TV will work but this isn't the intended experience.

. / Make sure to set Sleep to "Never" on the apple TV so works continue to show unless you turn TV off. You can check this from settings in the main menu > General > Sleep after > Never.

. / Make sure that the apple TV system is updated to the most current version. You can check by going to the settings from the main menu then Go to Settings > System > Software Updates and Select Update Software.

  1. If there's an update, select Download and Install.

  2. After the update downloads, your Apple TV will restart and prepare the update.

  3. After Apple TV prepares the update, it will install it.

2.) Testflight onboarding

. / You will receive an invite in your email to testflight which should look like the image to the left.

. / Click on the blue "View in testflight button" and you will get a redeem code. This is going to be used once you install the Testflight app on your Apple TV which is in the steps below.

3.) Installing Testflight

. / Make sure you are logged in to your Apple TV with the apple ID that we set you up with in Testflight. You can check what apple ID you are currently logged in with by going to settings > Users & Accounts > Default User. This will show the apple ID you are signed in with.

. / Navigate to the app store from the home screen of the apple TV. (view first photo for reference.)

. / Search for "Testflight" in the app store and install. It may ask to perform an apple TV system update. Follow the instructions from Step 1 for this.

3.) Installing apollo TV App

. / Now that Testflight is installed on your apple TV navigate to "redeem" and an invitation code field will appear.

. / Get the redeem code you received from the email in step 2 and enter in the "invitation code" field.

. / An apollo app should appear in "apps" within Testflight. Which will also show up in the main menu of the apple TV as an app now. Click on the app to open and now follow the "Getting Started" guide. Click the button below.